2022 Fall Intern

The Ripley County Community Foundation welcomed its newest intern on August 15th. The foundation’s internship program seeks to, “engage local young people into the work of the Community Foundation in hope that they will become lifelong philanthropists,” according to the foundation’s Executive Director, Amy Streator. Anna Wanstrath will intern at the foundation for the first semester of her senior year at Oldenburg Academy.

Anna is unsure of her post-secondary plans but enjoys spending time with her family, playing the ukulele, and managing the Oldenburg Academy Volleyball team. She volunteers at St. Louis Catholic Church and cantors mass once a month with her two sisters Alyssa and Mary Kara Wanstrath. She is excited to be at RCCF because it is an amazing opportunity to learn and become well rounded within the community.

While interning at the foundation, Anna will become better prepared learning life-skills for her future communities and careers.

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