RCCF Program Director Announces Retirement

“I don’t think I knew what to expect in January of 2000 when I was hired to work at the Ripley County Community Foundation. At that point in time the RCCF had less than $1 million and I worked with Sally Morris to form the granting and scholarship programs that have come to be so closely identified with the foundation. I remember brainstorming with Sally before we finally settled on the title “Program Officer” to identify my position. Here I am 18 years later. I cannot honestly say that every minute has been a pleasure but what an education in the life and times of Ripley County I have had! I have been blessed with friendships with so many incredible people whom I will miss, but I will remember the rest of my life. So, here I am ready to begin the next phase of my life…..retirement!” – Jane Deiwert​, Program Officer

Welcome Summer Interns!

The Ripley County Community Foundation wants to welcome our newest summer interns Riley Schebler and Caroline Kellerman! While interning, the students will assist with general

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