Ripley Youth Outreach

Ripley Youth Outreach (RYO) is an initiative of the Ripley County Community Foundation with a focus of promoting education in all aspects of philanthropy in local youth.  This youth philanthropy program is made up of teens from area high schools, with a goal to empower the youth to create a powerful voice in their communities and become leaders of their generation.  Our initiative provides training on philanthropy, fundraising, and the grant making process.  Since 2015, Ripley Youth Outreach has made a powerful impact in their community through various projects and programs.


In October of 2020, Ripley Youth Outreach hosted Chalktoberfest, a local art drawing contest where students can show off their creative abilities through chalk. This year’s theme was to draw a movie poster.

Birthday Box Program

Started in 2016, Ripley Youth Outreach has initiated their own Birthday Box Program which provides children 10 and under, whose parents are served by a local food pantry, the opportunity to celebrate their birthday with cake mix, icing, candles, and balloons.  RYO is grateful for the help and support from Hillrom, Hillenbrand Industries, Batesville Mayor’s Youth Council, Milan Lions Club, and Shopko.

Change Ripley County Grant

Ripley Youth Outreach established the $10,000 Change Ripley County Grant in 2019 to give local youth a platform in which to be heard, the confidence to take action to change their communities, and resources to enact that change.  The grant encourages youth to partner with a local nonprofit organization to establish a change and improve Ripley County.

Participating High Schools include:

Mission Statement: To create a powerful youth voice in our community in order to improve the lives of those in Ripley County through a philanthropic approach.

Vision Statement: To spread knowledge of philanthropy across Ripley County through service and education, to empower the youth to become leaders of their generation.

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