RYO Grant Makes a Difference!

A grant was awarded by Ripley Youth Outreach to St. Louis School for the purchase of a set of Cubelets for a classroom. These Cubelets allow students to explore coding and robotics. The students first objective is to distinguish between THINK, ACT, and SENSE cubes. After the students understand the difference between the different cubes, they are able to use the cubes to make robots that they design for specific jobs. They also learn to redesign the robots they make to allow the robots to complete other tasks. They use the scientific method and draw models of the robots they build. The students are also able to use programming to show how the robots work. Collaboration, creativity, trial and error, critical thinking, and communication are all present while working with Cubelets.

Teacher, Jill Hollins reported, “These Cubelets were a hit!  The students were able to meet the above objectives and go beyond. They have created so many different robots with many different functions. They have learned how to connect the cubes to produce different outcomes. If they have any free time in the classroom, most of the students are asking to use them to make new and improved robots. With what they have learned in coding and using these Cubelets, the students have gained a greater understanding of the computer programming and robotics world.”

Day of Giving

Unite with us on our Day of Giving, November 5, 2021 from 8AM – 4PM, because “Together We Are Stronger”! Donations into an endowed fund

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The Ripley County Community Foundation is thrilled to welcome two new interns, Abe Streator and Frank Moorman. The Ripley County Community Foundation’s High School Internship

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JOIN LOCAL FOOTBALL TEAMS – Batesville High School, Milan High School, and Oldenburg Academy as they team up for the 2021 season to Turnover Hunger,

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Chalktoberfest 2021

The second Chalktoberfest will be held on Saturday, October 9, 2021 from 8:00AM – 11:30AM with the winners being announced by noon. Again this year,

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