State of the Broadband Report

The Community Foundations of Southeast Indiana recognize that we are living in a digital world and access to the internet is vital to our growth and future success.  Therefore, the community foundations joined forces to fund a report detailing the current state of Broadband in our region, and to gauge our digital readiness.

Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission and Purdue University’s Center for Regional Development recently partnered to develop a State of Broadband report (PDF), which was released in April 2019. The study uses 2017 and 2018 data from the Federal Communications Commission, Microsoft, and the American Community Survey to assess connectivity here in Southeastern Indiana.

“Broadband infrastructure, without a doubt, is the equivalent of a railroad line or a four-lane interstate highway in this century. Not having adequate broadband infrastructure and an effective digital inclusion strategy will further disadvantage communities in this 21st century global economy,” the report states.

Counties in the SIRPC region include Dearborn, Decatur, Franklin, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Ripley, Shelby and Switzerland.

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