Headshot Profile Photograph - Nancy Durham

Nancy Durham

The importance of giving back to the community was instilled in Nancy at a young age, and she continues to honor her mother's legacy by helping whenever and wherever she can. Nancy says that serving on the Ripley County Community Foundation Board of Directors has given her even more opportunities to support the hopes and dreams of the citizens in our communities.
Headshot Profile Photograph - Dan Harmeyer

Dan Harmeyer

Vice President
Headshot Profile Photograph - Kenton Heinlein

Kenton Heinlein

Headshot Profile Photograph - Jim Black

Jim Black

Many caring and generous donors contribute their time, treasure, and talents to meaningful and worthy causes in our county. He enjoys serving the community as a board member, to honor those donors and help to enable a positive community impact. Jim says that the best part of his role is working with the dedicated RCCF team and other board members.
Headshot Profile Photograph - Anita Fledderman

Anita Fledderman

Anita says she dedicates her time to the Foundation because she genuinely cares about the wellbeing of our communities within Ripley County. Further, she enjoys serving alongside fellow board and committee members and foundation staff. Highlights include but are not limited to Women in Philanthropy Luncheon, Lilly Scholarship, Small and Large Grants, Ripley Youth Outreach, Genesis, and Day of Giving. Her favorite part about serving on the board is learning more about the county she lives in, seeing all the various causes, funds, scholarships, grants, etc. as well as being part of a collective group that helps shape the activities, transactions, and granting efforts of Ripley County for the betterment of our communities.
Headshot Profile Photograph - Lori Holt

Lori Holt

Lori says she loves where she lives - Ripley County - and wants to help promote all that our county has to offer to its residents. She wants to improve upon those offerings and work with the organizations who bring the ideas to the table to build on what is offered here. Lori also wants young people to see their home in Indiana (and specifically Ripley County) as a forever home and to build a life they love here. She wants to bring big city opportunities in education, leadership development, arts, entertainment, and etc. to our small town community. Additionally, Lori loves serving on the grant committees and meeting the people of our community who are working so hard to make a difference in the lives of our community members. She says, “We have so many bright and talented volunteers and leaders who ask for the support of the Community Foundation in their organization's pursuit of providing services and activities to support wellness, health and wellbeing, leadership development, safety, and etc. in our county. Those organizations have causes that matter and the Community Foundation is a bridge to the funding sources for these causes. I love that!!”
Headshot Profile Photograph - Ben Peetz

Ben Peetz

“I have seen the benefits that organizations and individuals receive from the Community Foundation's efforts through grants and scholarships. The impact that an organization like the Ripley County Community Foundation has on our small communities is tremendous when it comes to providing opportunities to those in our area who might not otherwise have access to them,” states Ben. As a new member of the Board of Directors, Ben is looking forward to learning more about the Community Foundation and giving back to those in need.
Headshot Profile Photograph - Norman Knudson

Norman Knudson

Norman claims that it is an honor to have the opportunity to be a member of the Ripley County Community Foundation Board of Directors. He feels that it is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community that has been home to his family for many years. The thing Norman likes best about being a board member is that it gives him such a good feeling to see how generous people are and the impact it has on the lives of other people.
Headshot Profile Photograph - Jill Tunny

Jill Tunny

Jill feels that serving on the RCCF Board of Directors is an honor and great opportunity to grow personally as an individual. Additionally, she is looking forward to building relationships with board members and donors and helping contribute as a board member to the continual growth of Ripley County and joining in with continuing to make Ripley County a great place to live.
Headshot Profile Photograph - Dawn Wehr

Dawn Wehr

Dawn dedicates her time to the Ripley County Community Foundation because she believes in its mission of continuing to build and improve our community. She values and appreciates what this local community has done for her, and considers it a special opportunity to give back. Dawn most enjoys learning about all of the work and activity underway across the county to continue improving our local quality of life.

Megan Gray

Megan is dedicating her time to the Ripley County Community Foundation because she believes it’s important to take an interest in our communities and help those within it. She is looking forward to serving on the Board of Directors because she believes she will be able to build and establish relationships, while helping make decisions that will create a big impact on the lives of citizens within the communities of Ripley County.
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