Start a Fund

If you are interested in starting an endowment (permanent) fund, then you would need to speak to the Ripley County Community Foundation’s Executive Director, Amy Streator, about your intended fund.

An agreement form would be developed indicating your wishes and will require approval from the Board of Directors.  A minimum of $5,000 must be gifted to start a named endowment fund.  However, a seedling fund may be established when a donor plans to meet the minimum balance for a new fund of $5,000 within five years.   Any type of fund may be started in this manner, but until the $5,000 is reached, no distribution is given nor fees incurred.

We encourage you to establish a fund at the Ripley County Community Foundation instead of giving directly to your favorite charity because a gift to the Community Foundation is a permanent gift that will produce income forever. The gift is invested for growth and income and a portion of the income is granted each year to support charitable causes.

Amy Streator

Executive Director
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