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Community Fund Grants offered by the Ripley County Community Foundation are Community Impact grants, Large grants, Small grants, Pro-active grants, and Ripley Youth Outreach grants.  Community Fund Grants are awarded via a competitive grant process and fund projects within six areas of interest, namely, Community Service, Social Service, Education, Health, Environment, and the Arts.  Non-profit organizations serving Ripley County are eligible to apply for a Community Fund Grant.   Several other grant opportunities are also available through donor-advised funds administered by Ripley County Community Foundation.



Guidelines and Criteria




Grant Application Due Dates

Large Project Grants: Due the 1st Friday of August
Ripley Youth Outreach Grants: Due the 1st Friday of December
Small Project Grants: Due the 1st Friday of March, June, September and December
Tarter/Herman-Crum Grants:
Due within the month of April

Women in Philanthropy Grants: Due after January 1st and at least 3 weeks before the Women’s Luncheon


Grant Applications

Large Project Grant Application 

Ripley Youth Outreach Grant Application

Small Project Grant Application

Tarter/Herman-Crum Grant Application 

Women In Philanthropy Grant Application

Grant Report Forms

If you have been awarded a grant, the report form is due 6 months after the date it was awarded.

NEW ONLINE Ripley County Community Foundation Small Projects Grant Report Form 

Ripley County Community Foundation Grant Report Form (pdf)

Ripley County Community Foundation Proactive Grant Report Form for Food Pantries


Grant Report Form Due Dates

If you have been awarded a grant, the report form is due 6 months after the date it was awarded.

Small Project Grants: Awarded in March (Due September 1st), June (Due January 1st), September (Due April 1st), December (Due July 1st)

Large Project Grants: Awarded in November, Due June 1st

Tarter Crum Grant: Awarded in May, Due December 1st

Ripley County Outreach: Awarded in December, Due June 1st

United Way Fund Grant: Awarded in December, Due June 1st

Proactive Food Pantry Grant: Awarded in July, Due December 1st

Women’s Fund Grant: Awarded in April, Due November 1st