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Community Fund Grants offered by the Ripley County Community Foundation are Community Impact grants, Large grants, Small grants, Pro-active grants, and Ripley Youth Outreach grants.  Community Fund Grants are awarded via a competitive grant process and fund projects within six areas of interest, namely, Community Service, Social Service, Education, Health, Environment, and the Arts.  Non-profit organizations serving Ripley County are eligible to apply for a Community Fund Grant.   Several other grant opportunities are also available through donor-advised funds administered by Ripley County Community Foundation.



Guidelines and Criteria




Grant Application Due Dates

Large Project Grants: Due the 1st Friday of August
Ripley Youth Outreach Grants: Due the 1st Friday of December
Small Project Grants: Due the 1st Friday of March, June, September and December
Tarter/Herman-Crum Grants:
Due within the month of April

Women in Philanthropy Grants: Due after January 1st and at least 3 weeks before the Women’s Luncheon


Grant Applications

Large Project Grant Application 

Ripley Youth Outreach Grant Application

Small Project Grant Application

Tarter/Herman-Crum Grant Application 

Women In Philanthropy Grant Application

Grant Report Form Due Dates

If you have been awarded a grant, the report form is due 6 months after the date it was awarded.

Small Project Grants: Awarded in March (Due September 1st), June (Due January 1st), September (Due April 1st), December (Due July 1st)

Large Project Grants: Awarded in November, Due June 1st

Tarter Crum Grant: Awarded in May, Due December 1st

Ripley County Outreach: Awarded in December, Due June 1st

United Way Fund Grant: Awarded in December, Due June 1st

Proactive Food Pantry Grant: Awarded in July, Due December 1st

Women’s Fund Grant: Awarded in April, Due November 1st

Grant Report Forms

Ripley County Community Foundation Grant Report Form                                                               

Ripley County Community Foundation Proactive Grant Report Form for Food Pantries