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Goal: unlimited
Raised: $22,488.43

A Greener Tomorrow

The project will bring together students, community volunteers, and local business partners to install pollinator gardens and plant trees around Ripley County on Arbor Day (April 30, 2021).
Goal: $50,000.00
Raised: $400.00

Arts & Culture Endowment Fund

The endowment fund will expand the arts and/or establish diversified and inclusive programs that offer widespread opportunities for participation and appreciation of culturally significant places, beliefs, and traditions across Ripley County.
Goal: $50,000.00
Raised: $0

Women’s Giving Circle

The Ripley County Community Foundation’s Board of Directors established a women’s fund to support projects which address issues affecting the women and children of Ripley County. Proceeds and donations received for the Ripley County Women’s Giving Circle will support the Linda S. Phaneuf Women’s Fund (#425), which is granted out to a qualified nonprofit organization.
Goal: unlimited
Raised: $13,850.00