What to Know Before Applying

Before applying for one of the Ripley County Community Foundation’s available grants, all organizations are required to follow and abide by the Grant Guidelines and Policies. Those guidelines and policies are listed as follows:

  1. Your organization must be a nonprofit operating in Ripley County.
    1. Grant applications must qualify as an exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c), or be sponsored by such organizations, or qualify as governmental or educational entities or possess similar attributes per IRS Code Section 509(a).
  2. The purpose of your organization’s grant application must fall within one or more of the Community Foundation’s four service areas.  Keywords for the four service areas can be found at the bottom of the page.
    1. Arts & Culture: to expand the arts within the region and/or establish diversified and inclusive programs that offer widespread opportunities for participation and appreciation of culturally significant places, beliefs, and traditions.
    2. Business & Entrepreneurship: to support the growth and success of local small businesses and entrepreneurs through opportunities that spark innovation, investment, and diversifies our local economy.
    3. Education, Health, & Well-Being: to support the development of human capital through a strong educational system and a healthy lifestyle.
    4. Environment & Natural Resources: to invest in projects and programs aimed at expanding and protecting the natural landscape that surrounds us by increasing appreciation for, improvements to, and use of the natural environment.
  3. Grants will be made only to organizations that have responsible fiscal sponsors and adequate accounting procedures.
  4. Grant recipients and fiscal sponsors will sign and abide by the respective conditions as set forth in the Community Foundation’s “Grant Award Agreements” and “Grant Report Forms.”
  5. An organization or an organization’s fiscal sponsor cannot have an outstanding or delinquent Grant Report in order for an application to be considered for future granting.
  6. No grants will be made solely to individuals.
  7. No grants will be made to defray travel or lodging expenses to enable individuals or groups to attend seminars or take trips.
  8. No grants will be made exclusively for endowment purposes of recipient organizations.
  9. No grants will be made for programs which will have been completed and funded prior to the Ripley County Community Foundation’s publicized date for grant decisions. No grants will be made to repay acquisition costs for equipment already purchased.
  10. No grant shall be made for the acquisition of weapons, firearms or destructive devices as defined in the Indiana Code under IC 35-41-1-8 or IC 35-47.5-2-4.
  11. No grants will be made specifically for sectarian religious purposes, but can be made to religious organizations for general community programs, or to preserve an historical site (typically 100 years or older).
  12. No grant will be made for the purchase of property or buildings.
  13. Organizations who have been awarded prior grants must have complied with all reporting requirements and be in good standing before submitting another grant application.  Non-compliance will result in exclusion from future granting.
  14. Previous awarded grants to an organization must be spent and accounted for before applying for another grant from the Ripley County Community Foundation.
  15. No grants will be made to attempt to influence legislation or to intervene in any political campaign (including the publishing or distribution of statement) on behalf of any candidate for public office.
  16. The Ripley County Community Foundation reserves the right to refuse any and all grant applications.
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