Arts & Culture

Description: to expand the arts within the region and/or establish diversified and inclusive programs that offer widespread opportunities for participation and appreciation of culturally significant places, beliefs, and traditions.

Top 3 Project Examples in this Service Area


A competitive art-drawing contest where students can show off their creative abilities through chalk.  In 2020, the theme was to draw a movie poster.  In 2021, the theme was to draw an album cover. In 2022, our theme was to create a book cover for your favorite book. Visit our YouTube channel to see all of the artistic creations.

My Community My Vision

In 2019, Ripley Youth Outreach received a My Community My Vision Grant of $5,000 to develop and initiate a youth-led project within Ripley County. They took the opportunity to create an interactive-mural in Versailles.

Symphony Orchestra

Our grant supported a community wide effort to host a free concert and fireworks show that included the musical talents of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  

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