Day of Giving

The Ripley County Community Foundation established Day of Giving in 2015 to give local residents the opportunity to support the place they call home.  Typically occurring on the first Friday in November, the Day of Giving encourages Ripley County to support their favorite cause or fund.

In past years, the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors has approved matching funds of $50,000.00.  This means that donations into an endowed fund are eligible to receive a $1:$2 match on a first come, first served basis.  (Matching donations cannot exceed $5,000 per fund).  The Community Foundation hopes to continue the match for years to come.

Additionally, donors have had the opportunity to win money to support their favorite charitable organization when they donate an item to a supply drive that benefits and supports a local nonprofit organization.  Each individual who donates an item to the supply drive is entered into a $500-$1,000 drawing to be awarded to a qualified charity of their choice.  The supply drive for the nonprofit organization changes each year.  Organizations previously supported: Ripley County Humane Society, Weekend Back-Sack Program, and Ripley County Food Pantries. 

You can still create a lasting legacy in your community by making a contribution anytime during the year.  Visit the Donate Button at the top of the page, stop in our office, or call us at (812) 933-1098.

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