Celebrating 25 Years with a New Logo

A new logo will launch the Community Foundation into its next phase of stewardship. As part of the rebranding process, the Board of Directors conducted an introspective review of the Community Foundation’s mission and identified four pillars that will guide their future grantmaking. Those four pillars are: 1) Arts & Culture, 2) Business & Entrepreneurship, 3) Education, Health, & Well-Being, and 4) Environment & Natural Resources.

Streator noted, “Our new logo is a reflection of the Ripley County Community Foundation’s evolution into the next phase of our growth. This logo reveals who we are as an organization and where we are headed in the future.”

The colors of the Community Foundation’s new logo represent the four areas of service.  Arts & Culture is represented by the color purple which stands for inspiration, wisdom, and innovation.  Business & Entrepreneurship is represented by the color blue to spotlight loyalty and stability.  Education, Health, & Well-Being is represented by the color orange, which promotes generosity and optimism.  Environment & Natural Resources is represented by the color green to signify growth and renewal.  The heart represents the Community Foundation’s love for Ripley County. 

Welcome Summer Interns!

The Ripley County Community Foundation would like to welcome our newest summer interns Cayden Pohlman and Abe Streator! During their internship, Cayden and Abe will

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