Thank You, Donors, For Your Generosity

To Our Donors,

At the Ripley County Community Foundation (RCCF), we are incredibly grateful for our community especially during these challenging times. If not for each of you, we wouldn’t be able to do the work that we do in each day. As you know, we guide ourselves on the belief that our Foundation is a vehicle for people of all means to make a lasting difference in the community. Our central purpose is the serve the needs and philanthropic aims of donors who wish to improve their area, now and in the future.

RCCF is dedicated to the health and well-being of our business owners, entrepreneurs and the collective community. Social distancing, as necessary and important as the practice is, is causing an economic impact on businesses both small and large both in Ripley County and across the globe. It is during trying times like these that we call on our donors for help and support.

This community is known for the wonderful ability to rally around one another and triumph. Every donation counts, no matter the size. Every dollar helps the lives of people around you, in a county that you know and love. During this crisis, let’s reach out to one another, give back to our community, and support our neighbors as we look forward to flattening the curve.

Thank you,

Amy Streator, Executive Director

Ripley County Community Foundation

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