Change Ripley County Grant Awarded

The Change Ripley County Grant was recently awarded to a youth led project in Versailles, IN. The $10,000 funding will be used to improve and renovate the Brown Township playground that resides at St. Paul Lutheran Church of Olean. Abby McCarty, the youth leading the Playground Improvement Project, noted, “This grant is appreciated and will benefit kids throughout our rural community.  I enjoyed playing on the playground when I was little and I hope the playground improvements will be enjoyed by other kids for many years to come.” Construction for the project will begin this fall and is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2022.The Change Ripley County Grant is a youth led project that partners with local nonprofits to improve Ripley County. The grant gives youth a platform in which to be heard, the confidence to take action to change their communities, and resources to enact that change. For more information on upcoming grant opportunities check out

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